Welcome to ‘Start Making Sense’.

Its a website all about how to change your perspective.  Which is what we need to do to change our lives!

You will find on offer a series of workshops which look at different aspects of how we behave and the consequences of that behaviour.  Really it’s all about Personal Development!  Or PD for short!

So what is Personal Development ?

Personal Development is when you have a look at what’s going on in your life.  I don’t mean like the diary stuff.  I mean more particularly, what’s going on, that you aren’t that keen on.  That in fact, you’d prefer to do without!   When you look at it more objectively you allow yourself space to  learn about your ways of reacting and behaving.   You might just focus on one particular issue.

We all have moments in our day when events, thoughts, coincidences or emotions feel significant.

If we choose to recall one of those moments, remember what happened, why it happened and how we felt about it; we can experience it again in a more reflective way and think about it deeply.

This allows us to understand better what makes us tick, what causes us to react in certain ways and how we process information. It is called ‘personal development’  because it increases our knowledge and understanding of ourselves.